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Curb Appeal For Lawns And Gardens

Curbing within your lawn, garden or patio plays a functional role while embodying a fashionable look. We specialize in providing attractive curbs to contain gardens, mulch, dirt and the like. This gives your landscape a sharp, clean look by establishing tidy lines and stark contrasts in the places that matter.

Beauty Made Easy And Affordable

- Residential curbing

- Commercial curbing

- Concrete curbing

- Custom shapes and designs

- Ornamental materials

- Great alternative to unsightly liners and plastic options

- Mowing and trimming become easier

- Less frequent lawn care (brushing dirt and gravel into place)

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When your design requires more than 300 feet of curbing, we'll cut you a deal - we'll take 10% OFF curbing costs. Get in touch with us, and we'll review potential designs that will fit your yard and budget.

We combine art and craft to deliver stunning designs and landscape work.

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